Writing Portfolio

People I write for, or have written for include:

The Culture Trip:

10 Best Museums to Visit in Helsinki

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Moomin

How Finland Inspired the Comic World of Moomin

10 of Finland’s Top Art Galleries

10 of Finland’s Top Museums to Visit

A Glimpse at Finland’s Love Affair With Heavy Metal

10 Unique Finnish Idioms You Should Know

All the Ghost Stories and Fascinating Facts to Know About Finland’s Olavinlinna Castle

Exploring Finland’s Fandom Culture That Comes Alive at Worldcon

Looking back at Finland’s most iconic visual art in 100 years

13 fascinating things to know about the Finnish language

Does Finland exist? Many don’t think so

What you need to know about the new Moomin TV series

The beauty of Finland captured on film

How Finland’s golden age of cinema helped lead the country to independence

How Hamlet was inspired by an obscure tale from Finland’s Kalavala

11 magical Christmas tales to know from Finland’s Lapland

How Tolkien was inspired by Finland

See a full list of my articles for The Culture Trip

Fan/Slash Fic Magazine:

How I Met My Fiance By Writing Fanfiction

Why Do We Ship Non-Canon Couples?

Does Shipping Ruin Fandom?

Stop Killing Lesbians: Convince Creators to Produce the Content You Love

Blueink Review:

Before the Court of Heaven review

Quantum review

Craft Your Content:

Do Authors Need to Write Every Day?

Do You Need a Deadline to Write Your Novel?


The Stone Angel (Nominated for the Somerset Short Story Contest)

Alone in the Picture Gallery

Fish and Chips

Writing Background

I have been writing since 2007, learning my craft during a Creative Writing BA at Bath Spa University. I currently write regular articles for clients on a wide variety of topics, with a specialty in fandom culture and the arts. I am also working on my own novel, another YA fantasy, and have written several short stories.

Current writing services I provide are:

  • Web content.
  • Blog posts.
  • Reviews.
  • Articles.
  • Scripts/screenplays.

Client testimonials:

Jessica Wood is an utmost professional. Her writing is sublime and hits the spot first time. I have no hesitation in recommending Jessica for Writing/Ghostwriting and all other literary services.

Tania, Editor-In-Chief, In-Scribe www.in-scribe.co.uk

Very nicely done. Writes well and put a lot of time and thought into the gig. Many thanks!



My prices vary on a project by project basis but for a standard 500 to 1,000 word article, my charge would be $50/ £40/ 46 Euros.

I usually take payment through Paypal as it is the fastest and cheapest method but if this isn’t possible, I also have bank accounts in the UK and Finland or can arrange an alternate payment method. I also will write up a contract and arrange for a payment deadline before a project starts.


If you’re interested in my services as a writer or have any other questions, please e-mail me at woodthewriter@gmail.com with as many details as possible about your writing project. I strive to reply to any e-mails as soon as possible.


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