Writing Advice

This is a masterlist of all my writing advice blog posts:


8 creatures that fantasy needs more of.

General writing:

Do writers have to pay their dues?

What to do when the writing fears sink in.

Can I finish this project on time?

How not to write an e-book.

5 unexpected ways that writing helps your life.

How to keep your character’s inventory.

Top six signs of bad writing and how to avoid them.

What old PSA films can teach you about writing

Top five excuses made by bad writers

Top five anime cliches that novelists should avoid

Top eight writing fumbles which ruin a good story

Flash fiction:

How writing flash fiction can make you a better novelist.

Can you write a story in six words?

YA fiction:

What every YA author should know about writing diverse characters.


Most common editing mistakes made by writers and how to avoid them.

Top five things to cut from your next draft


How not to market an e-book.


Why I hate love triangles.

Writing love at first sight.

Top 13 non-cliched romantic moments.

Top Seven Horrible Love Stories.

Top Seven Worst Types of Love Interest

How to write a long term relationship

How to write a love/hate relationship

Freelance writing:

Five things I’ve learned about freelance writing since graduation.

Does professional writing hinder creativity?


The villain redemption story. Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Many more coming soon!

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  1. This is such a helpful resource. Thanks!

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