Tales From Undersea

Book 1 – Traitor’s Revenge

Pirate Captain Alethea Hera found comfort with her life in the Undersea world of submarines, sunken cities, and sea monsters – a destination for all those, such as herself, who wish to run away from their past.

But now, the discovery of an enchanted gemstone and a legendary treasure drives her past to haunt her.

Althea’s love-sick daughter Marina has her eye on an attractive Viking shieldmaiden, but raised in piracy, even she can’t ignore the allure of a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, this hunt will not only drive her apart from her love, but from her mother and her life in the Undersea world.

Will Alethea dare to face her past in order to keep her pirate crew safe? Can Marina make the right choice for her future, and whether her mother has a place in it?

Embark on the first thrilling Undersea novel and set sail for a rollicking steampunk pirate adventure!

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