Tales From Sea and Skies

Tales From Undersea

Book 1 – Traitor’s Revenge

Pirate Captain Alethea Hera found comfort with her life in the Undersea world of submarines, sunken cities, and sea monsters – a destination for all those, such as herself, who wish to run away from their past.

But now, the discovery of an enchanted gemstone and a legendary treasure drives her past to haunt her.

Althea’s love-sick daughter Marina has her eye on an attractive Viking shieldmaiden, but raised in piracy, even she can’t ignore the allure of a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, this hunt will not only drive her apart from her love, but from her mother and her life in the Undersea world.

Will Alethea dare to face her past in order to keep her pirate crew safe? Can Marina make the right choice for her future, and whether her mother has a place in it?

Embark on the first thrilling Undersea novel and set sail for a rollicking steampunk pirate adventure!

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Book 2 – Stealing From Thieves

Pirates rule the ocean. Money rules the world.

In an alternate 18th century, Captain Alethea is desperate to live up to her position on her Pirate submarine, the Barracuda, by chasing down the Vikings of the Fenrir to reclaim the treasure her crew went to hell and back to uncover on a previous mission. So far, Alethea has only succeeded in getting her crew clobbered by the Fenrir’s new chieftain, Inoki Kekoa, and stoking their frustration and distrust in her.

Chieftain Inoki has his own reasons for holding onto the treasure so fiercely. It is his only way of securing a life of freedom away from the colonising Empire which invaded his home and drove him and his husband Undersea.

Captain Alethea has a new idea – ask for help from the Pirate Queen. But the Queen has a different mission for them. They must go undercover as upstanding citizens to steal a priceless necklace. But if they fail, they’ll be kicked out of the Pirate faction and left with nothing. Will the Barracuda crew find their treasure, or will they lose their freedom?

The second book in the Tales From Undersea series dives deeper into the cutthroat world of sea monsters, forbidden romance, and train hijacking bandits.

Book 3 – Outcast’s Alliance

The Pirates started the war, and now they must end it.

Pirate captain Alethea Hera has abandoned her pursuit of treasure to hide her submarine, the Barracuda, below the Arctic ice. It’s a hard life eating nothing but seal blubber and dried biscuits, but necessary to keep them safe. Her traitorous former quartermaster Kei is spreading a reign of terror throughout Undersea, and not even its most powerful leaders can stop her.

Alethea’s daughter Marina is just as melancholy. Hiding under the ice means she’ll never see Thara, the beautiful shieldmaiden she’s in love with, ever again. Little does she know that Thara is also thinking about her, whenever she’s not trying to steal a legendary treasure hoard from Kei’s submarine.

But Kei has used devious means to find Alethea and kidnap members of her crew for her ever-expanding army. Now Alethea must travel to the farthest corners of Undersea – from mermaid palaces to lost worlds – and turn enemies into allies. Can Alethea save the world, if it means fighting her oldest friend?

Tales From the Skies

Book 1- Sky’s Edge

It’s never easy to kill a man. Especially one you’re falling in love with.

Over York City, 1928.

Alcohol is banned throughout the Empire, including the sky cities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find any, so long as you know where to look.

When police detective Rory Sullivan is assigned to go undercover to the Sky’s Edge speakeasy, he takes the job willingly. He’s been out for revenge on the Hell’s Alley Gang, who run the illegal and magically-hidden establishment, ever since they killed his father. But Rory doesn’t expect to meet the charming and beautiful drag queen, Lacey Liscious. He is even more surprised to discover she is actually Colin Gilbert – the son of the Don and one of the mob’s most deadly hitmen. As Rory closes in to enact his revenge, the Don also tasks Colin with killing the detective and tossing his body over the city’s edge.

But the more time Rory and Colin spend together as friends, the closer they become. And the more Rory spends in the hidden, underground sections of Over York, the more he realises the mob may not be the villains he believed. How can Rory and Colin kill each other when they’re also falling in love? And how can they keep their newfound relationship a secret?

Book 2 – City of Devils

In Over York City, everyone can party like it’s 1929.

Detective Rory Sullivan is happy in his relationship with Colin Gilbert, the son of the Don, even if they have to keep it a secret. He rids the sky city of crime by day and spends time with his lover in the illegal, magically-hidden speakeasy by night.

But with both the police and the mafia at each other’s throats and poisoned alcohol circulating the speakeasies, more than their relationship could be in danger. The only people in the city they can trust is each other, but even that comes at a price. Rory might be forced to become a criminal to protect the people he loves.

Can Rory and Colin’s love survive in a city steeped in corruption, mechanical monsters, and crooked cops?

Peaky Blinders meets Firefly in this exciting dieselpunk series.

Book 3 – Fall From the Sky

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