Here are some resources that I use regularly which will be handy for all fiction writers, professional writers, and editors. If any links are broken or outdated, please drop me an e-mail and let me know.

Fiction Writing:

Character generators:

Write Real People


Map generators:

Polygon Map Generation

Inkarnate (This one is really good!)


Click and drag plot generator

Mind mapping software

Trello (cue card software)

Writing prompts:

Random prompt generator

Name generators:

City name generator

Behind the Name

Useful websites:

Nimble’s Notebook


Mythcreants (has a particularly useful podcast)

Standout Books

Fiction University


Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Writing body language

6 crazy ways your favourite TV shows get written

Flower symbolism

Gemstone and crystal meanings

Native American languages and names

TVTropes (Check how often a certain ‘trope’ has been done before, or find examples from other media. Warning: This website is very addictive!)

Applying TV lessons to chapter hooks

Fantasy Writing:

Period clothing

List of elemental abilities

Mythic Scribes


Zim (software to create a Wiki like series of pages. Very useful for worldbuilding)

RPG Tools


KBoards (a huge and useful community for self-published writers)

The three year no-bestseller plan to a sustainable, liveable income

Book reviewers directory

Book publishers directory

Calibre – E-book software

The Perfect Year (Video series. Focused mostly on releasing romance books but can easily be adapted for any other genre)

Professional Writing:

Cover letters from hell (Some hilarious examples of bad cover letters, with some useful lessons of what to avoid.)

Keyword density checker

Writing headlines

Time zone converter (useful for meeting deadlines from international clients)

Free stock images:




Good Free Photos

Free Images



Useful websites:

Make a Living Writing

Craft Your Content

Job boards:


Online writing jobs

Freelance writing jobs

Editing and Proofreading:

Citation guide

Replacements for ‘very’

Organisation: (For sorting your e-mail inbox)

Celtx – Script writing and project planning software

Productivity tips

Decision Fatigue (video)

Finding that elusive writing time


GIMP – Free image editing software

Canva – Free online banner maker


Zen Pencils

Positive doodles

Funny Stuff:

Bad romance covers

Kindle cover disasters

Librarian problems

Clients from hell

Uncle Walter’s bad romance novel quotes