Here are some resources that I use regularly which will be handy for all fiction writers. If any links are broken or outdated, please drop me an e-mail and let me know. Please note, I don’t want e-mails about why I should link to your service or website.


Character generators:

Write Real People


Map generators:

Polygon Map Generation

Inkarnate (This one is really good!)


Click and drag plot generator

Mind mapping software

Trello (cue card software)

Writing prompts:

Random prompt generator

Name generators:

City name generator

Behind the Name

Fantasy name generators

Masterpiece generator

Useful websites:

Nimble’s Notebook


Mythcreants (has a particularly useful podcast)

Standout Books

Fiction University

Mythic Scribes


Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Writing body language

6 crazy ways your favourite TV shows get written

Flower symbolism

Gemstone and crystal meanings

Native American languages and names

TVTropes (Check how often a certain ‘trope’ has been done before, or find examples from other media. Warning: This website is very addictive!)

Applying TV lessons to chapter hooks

Period clothing

List of elemental abilities

Hair colour descriptions

Writing ship-able couples


Zim (software to create a Wiki like series of pages. Very useful for worldbuilding)

RPG Tools

The ultimate worldbuilding questionnaire


KBoards (a huge and useful community for self-published writers)

The three year no-bestseller plan to a sustainable, liveable income

Book reviewers directory

Book publishers directory

Calibre – E-book software

The Perfect Year (Video series. Focused mostly on releasing romance books but can easily be adapted for any other genre)

Self publishing formula podcast

Front matter for e-books


GIMP – Free image editing software

Canva – Free online banner maker

Free stock images:




Good Free Photos

Free Images



Useful websites:

Craft Your Content

Editing and Proofreading:

Replacements for ‘very’

Organisation: (For sorting your e-mail inbox)

Celtx – Script writing and project planning software

Productivity tips

Decision Fatigue (video)

Finding that elusive writing time


Zen Pencils

Positive doodles

Funny Stuff:

Bad romance covers

Kindle cover disasters

Librarian problems

Uncle Walter’s bad romance novel quotes