Other Writing Services


I’ve been proofreading books for self-published authors and independent publishing houses for almost ten years now. My rate is 0.02 cents per word, or $20 per 1000 words. Payment is through Paypal, but other payment methods can be arranged if necessary. A 60,000 word manuscript typically takes me around 1 week.


In addition to publishing my own fiction, I’ve also ghostwritten various fiction books for others. My main genres are fantasy, children’s/YA, and romance but I’m also open to other genres if necessary. I’m fine with writing erotic scenes (including same-sex), but strictly no rape, underage, bestiality, or anything similar. Prices and delivery times vary depending on the scope of the project, but a 60,000 word first draft of a YA fantasy book typically costs $300 and takes 10 days.

Beta reading

I’ve both beta read work for other authors and had my own work beta read, so I know exactly what feedback authors need. The genres I beta are the same as above, but I’m open to all. A 60,000 manuscript typically costs $70 and takes 5 days, but I can deliver faster for an extra fee.


If you wish to contact me about any of these services, drop me an email at jessica@woodthewriter.com. I look forward to working with you!