Writing Commissions

My writing commissions are priced at a rate of $0.02 per word, or $50 for 2,500 words.

What I write:
Original fiction
I can write something based upon your OC or anything else original. I mostly do young adult or fantasy fiction, but can work on any genre. Check the preview of my novel for a writing sample.
I’ll write fanfiction for any fandom I’m familiar with (contact me first to check).
Character creation/descriptions
Whether you need me to create a suitable character or write up their profile, I can do that.
I can create all or part of a fiction setting, or even put together a ‘world bible’.

What I don’t write:

Some plot-relevant NSFW scenes are fine, but not straight up erotica.
Graphic violence
I’ll write fight scenes, but not with excessive violence or gore.
Disturbing material
This includes slavery, rape, incest, paedophilia, etc. If you’re unsure, contact me first

Contact me at jessica@woodthewriter.com

Payment is through Paypal or bank transfer.

All writing commissions are for non-commercial purposes. If you do want writing for commercial purposes, please state that you’d like your piece ghost written.