Copy Editing and Proofreading

I’ve always been passionate about books and the written word so I decided to become a proofreader and editor to help well deserving writers get their work published, jobseekers land their dream jobs, students get fantastic grades, and businesses look as professional as possible.

People I have edited for include:

And many others.

My work for clients has always been well received and I strive to meet deadlines, provide ample communication and maintain a courteous and friendly attitude.

There are two services I can offer you: A proofread which will correct all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors from your work. A copy edit includes this plus changes to the content – correcting POV shifts and tense changes and suggesting changes to improve the writing, without removing the author’s voice or changing the story.


I provide quotes on a ‘per project’ basis but the following is my general guideline:

Initial 5 page sample edit: Free.

Proofreading: £2.88/3.38 Euros/$3.62 per 1000 words.

Copy edit: £5.75/6.75 Euros/$7.22 per 1000 words.

I take payment via Paypal and charge 50% up front and the remaining 50% after completion of the edit. I have bank accounts in both Britain and Finland so can accept payment in either Euros or pound sterling. Please specify which you would prefer to pay in (although Euros works best for me since I live permanently in Finland). If you want to pay with an alternate method then we can discuss that before the job starts.

How I work:

I usually accept work as a Microsoft Word document through e-mail and work on it electronically so that it can be sent back quickly through e-mail. I use Track Changes to highlight any changes so that you can clearly see what I have changed and accept or decline any changes. I will then send you back a copy with the changes visible for you to go over and another ‘clean’ copy with the comments and changes hidden.

If you prefer I edit your work on paper and post it (keep in mind I live in Finland) or don’t want me to use Track Changes, then that’s fine too. I will work around what’s best for you.


If you want to discuss your work with me, a more accurate quote or to ask me anything, please e-mail me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Until then, happy writing!

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