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In Over York City, everyone can party like it’s 1929.

Detective Rory Sullivan is happy in his relationship with Colin Gilbert, the son of the Don, even if they have to keep it a secret. He rids the sky city of crime by day and spends time with his lover in the illegal, magically-hidden speakeasy by night.

But with both the police and the mafia at each other’s throats and poisoned alcohol circulating the speakeasies, more than their relationship could be in danger. The only people in the city they can trust is each other, but even that comes at a price. Rory might be forced to become a criminal to protect the people he loves.

Can Rory and Colin’s love survive in a city steeped in corruption, mechanical monsters, and crooked cops?

Peaky Blinders meets Firefly in this exciting dieselpunk series.

Pre-order now for 99 cents.

As you can see, the follow up to Sky’s Edge is almost ready. I only have proofreading and formatting to go until its ready. The release date is still set for August 28th, although I’ve set up the pre-order until then.

I’m also on the second draft on the third book on the series, titled Fall From the Sky. Without giving away too many spoilers, this one focuses on an art heist and musical theatre, because art and musicals happen to be two things I especially love.

In between these books, I’m also working on a new YA fantasy series titled Children of the Jaguar Empire, which will be based upon various world mythology including Aztec and Egyptian. I don’t have a lot else to reveal about this series just yet, but keep checking back for updates.

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