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Ok, technically six days, but what does it matter? Sky’s Edge is out on May 1st! It is already available for pre-order at only 99 cents. The regular price will be $3.99.

It’s never easy to kill a man. Especially one you’re falling in love with.

Over York City, 1928.

Alcohol is banned throughout the Empire, including the sky cities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find any, so long as you know where to look.

When police detective Rory Sullivan is assigned to go undercover to the Sky’s Edge speakeasy, he takes the job willingly. He’s been out for revenge on the Hell’s Alley Gang, who run the illegal and magically-hidden establishment, ever since they killed his father. But Rory doesn’t expect to meet the charming and beautiful drag queen, Lacey Liscious. He is even more surprised to discover she is actually Colin Gilbert – the son of the Don and one of the mob’s most deadly hitmen. As Rory closes in to enact his revenge, the Don also tasks Colin with killing the detective and tossing his body over the city’s edge.

But the more time Rory and Colin spend together as friends, the closer they become. And the more Rory spends in the hidden, underground sections of Over York, the more he realises the mob may not be the villains he believed. How can Rory and Colin kill each other when they’re also falling in love? And how can they keep their newfound relationship a secret?

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