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The final part of the Tales From Undersea trilogy is now available as an eBook! Click the cover below to grab your copy.

What’s coming next in 2022? Aside from hopefully being able to travel again. First of all, the Tales From Undersea series is getting a dieselpunk upgrade with the launch of a new series – Tales From the Skies. This series will be set in a sky city in the 1920s and will focus on a police/mafia romance, with lots of fun characters and fantasy elements.

As well as these books, I will also be jumping into the fantasy genre (although my books are arguably fantasy anyway) with the start of the Children of the Jaguar Empire series, a globe-trotting adventure based upon Aztec mythology.

I’m very proud of how my writing has developed over 2021. While I’m still far from the ‘quit your day job’ stage, I hope it will develop further in 2022.

Have a good New Year and may you receive many blessings for the next 12 months!