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Greetings from Finland.

I’m glad to announce the third book and final part of the Tales From Undersea trilogy Outcast’s Alliance is due to be released on December 31st. This book will wrap up the story of the Barracuda crew and their friends, the Vikings and Gauchos, and their various enemies.

This won’t be the end of the Undersea series as I have many ideas for books exploring the characters readers particularly love. But the follow up series to this shall be Tales From the Skies, a new series set in the same universe but in a sky city during the 1920s. I’ve already finished the first draft of book 1 and am just about to finish the first draft of book 2.

Before you start thinking I’m an awfully fast writer, it’s only because I’ve essentially been on a summer break and have been waiting for feedback from beta readers on Outcast’s Alliance. Now I’m preparing that book for publication and taking Finnish language classes again, writing is taking a lot longer. But I still plan to have book 1 in this series out by May 2022 and hopefully book 2 by September 2022. These dates are only estimations and could well change.

In the mean time, if you want to catch up on the rest of the series, you can start with Traitor’s Revenge and the second book Stealing From Thieves.

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