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I remember my school always took World Book Day super seriously. We had events like dressing up as your favourite book character and having prizes for the best one (which was always someone dressed as The Cat in the Hat). I vaguely remember dressing up as Black Beauty, never telling anyone that I had only seen the films and have never read the book, and having a tail awkwardly shoved down my trousers all day. Perhaps this sparked my interest in cosplay.

I also remember every school child in Britain got a book coupon to use on World Book Day, which I usually put towards pony books (are you noticing what kind of child I was?). I don’t know if they still do this, but I hope they do.

As somewhat of a throwback to these memories, my book Traitor’s Revenge is free on Amazon until Saturday. You don’t even need a book token or to cosplay as Black Beauty.

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