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As is normal for the second half of December, I’m taking a break from all writing that isn’t work related. Mostly it’s because I finished the second draft of my novel (wohoo!) and want to take a break before I start on the crucial third draft. But I haven’t stopped entirely. I have had an idea for a novel I want to write after this current trilogy of fantasy novels knocking around in my head for a while now. It’s a magical girl series set in my home town with characters based upon people I know. I really like the magical girl genre but since it originates from Japan, literally every magical girl story takes place in urban Japan so I thought it would be interesting to transplant the genre into a regular English town instead. Being back in my home town where I intend to set it is generating a lot of ideas for characters and locations.

As it’s going to take me a long time to finish this fantasy trilogy, I don’t know yet if I will end up working on this afterwards as I might have lost interest in the idea by then. But it is still something fun to do over the holidays to keep myself busy. Plus it could give me a head start on my next book when I do finish the trilogy. There isn’t much for me to do right now outside of walking the dog, watching movies, and drinking in the morning, so I may as well work on this book, and some minor details of my fantasy book, until its back home and back to real life again.