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Yesterday I wrote about my plans for today, Tell a Fairy Tale Day, and how I set myself a challenge to write a new fairy tale story in a day.

It turns out I didn’t really need to plan out the story yesterday, as I had plenty of time to both plan and write it. I suppose because I’m used to reading and writing fairy tales that they come to me much more easily than other forms of writing do. My work as a ghostwriter in the past few months has really sped up my writing so I’m now used to writing good stories in a very short space of time.

But then again, if I had developed the idea today then it would have been very different from the one I came up with yesterday and might not have been as good. I’m very pleased with the story I did write, and that I was able to write 1600 words in a day. Plus the assignment I had to finish this morning. Plus this blog post. Wow, in the years after I graduated I only wrote a few chapters of my novel every year, and now I can write close to 2000 words in a day with time to spare. My life has really turned around.

As it’s still a first draft, I won’t be posting my story just yet. In the next few days I’ll edit it and then decide whether it’s fit for publishing or entering into a contest.

For now, as it’s both Tell a Fairy Tale Day and Throwback Thursday, I’ll re-post a link to a fairy tale I wrote a few years ago, which was the first story I had shortlisted for a contest. Enjoy!

The Stone Angel.