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Tomorrow, February 26th, is annual Tell a Fairy Tale Day so I have set myself a challenge to write a fairy tale story on that day. After I’ve completed all my chores like the big pile of ironing and do a final check over for a writing assignment, I’ll spend the rest of the day writing the first draft of my story.

I’ve been preparing today by coming up with ideas and writing the synopsis that I will use tomorrow to write the actual story.

Coming up with an idea for a short story is usually difficult for me as I always seem to come up with a long list of cliches. But I do often find that using pictures, and particularly a series of unrelated pictures can inspire a story. This was how I came up with the idea for a short story I recently finished called Fish and Chips. I had a picture of fish and chips with a bite taken out of the fish, which was how I came up with the idea of someone stealing a bit of someone’s fish and chips. The next picture was of a city that I assumed was in a foreign country which is how I got the idea for the person who stole the fish to escape somewhere new. This became a story about someone escaping from an abusive relationship.

For this story, I used whatever random pictures that popped up on my Tumblr dashboard to give me ideas. It was hard at first, but eventually I started looking at this picture which inspired me:


I used this room as the setting and combined it with some of the other random ideas I’d written down and I had the idea for a whole story in about half an hour. After I sleep on it I might decide it’s terrible, as I’m still a little unsure about the ending. But I still think it’s a good basis for a story.

In the next few days I’ll post about how I got on with the writing of the actual story and after I’ve tidied up the first draft, I’ll decide what I want to do with it – post it online, enter it to a contest or extend it into a longer story. I’ll be back again in a few days.