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Is it really over already? Damn, that went by fast. I’m talking of course about London Comic-Con. Both my boyfriend and I managed to finish our cosplay in a last minute rush, despite one of his pieces not arriving. It’s now almost a week since Comic-Con and it still hasn’t arrived!

Joonas did his first ‘proper’ cosplay as Legolas and looked very nice, despite the bracers not arriving and having to be made from scratch.

He became nearsighted between movies.

He became nearsighted between movies.

I was Applejack on Friday and Sunday and Sailor V on Saturday. I’m still worried that the Sailor V looked amateurish due to the mad rush to finish it, but a lot of people asked for my picture or just stopped to say I looked good. Some people thought I was Sailor Moon but I’ll still take the attention!

I'm holding my hat to stop the wind blowing it away.

I’m holding my hat to stop the wind blowing it away.


DSCF1682This year, instead of getting the train we booked National Express coaches there and back. That turned out to be a very fortunate thing, as there was a huge storm on Sunday night which meant almost all the trains were cancelled or delayed. Other than a minor hold up on the DLR, and virtually no change to the District Line despite supposedly having ‘sever delays,’ I’m amazed that we actually got home at our scheduled time. In fact, I think we arrived a minute early! All things considered, we were extremely lucky.

As for the con, It was great having more space this year. Although it was packed as usual on Saturday, it did make Friday and Sunday more fun. And also meant that we didn’t have to queue up on those days!


As soon as we arrived on Friday and got our costumes on I went looking or the wave 2 Hobbit figures. It turned out they haven’t been released for sale yet so I drowned my sorrows with a tonne of candy. I did at least get the key chain of Bilbo’s button, and it was the last one the stall had! But I still don’t have the Erebor key as a necklace (they only had it as a key chain). Once I have it then the gold of Erebor will be mine!

First thing on Saturday, me and Joonas also bought vinyl figures of Doctor Whooves and Derpy. They’re so cool! Our pony collection is getting pretty big now. If the others aren’t so expensive next time then we’ll definitely add to them. Joonas wants Octavia and Vinyl Scratch because he ships them. I think I may have turned my boyfriend into a shipper…


One of the best parts of Saturday was the Merlin fan meet up! My sister and a bunch of other Merlin cosplayers all got together to take pictures together. It’s great that the fandom is still going strong, even after the show has ended.


Later on Saturday was the EuroCosplay final. It would’ve been better if the tech team hadn’t been so disorganised. I almost killed my Legolas boyfriend because he was complaining so much. (We’re in love, really!) But he was happy that Finland won a special judge’s prize for the cosplayer’s excellent sewing. The Netherlands won for a second time, this time with an Edward Elric cosplay. It was great seeing Bilbo Baggins dancing to the Leonard Nimoy song and hearing Gollum begging him to stop. I also went to the judge’s and winner’s panels the next day and got some great advice and inspiration for cosplay.

On the last day I decided to splash out and have some yakisoba with pumpkin korokke for lunch, even though I already had food in my hotel room. It was worth it, because it was the yummiest thing I’ve eaten in ages!

Once again, we finished up the weekend by watching the Sunday masquerade and it was excellent as ever. My favourites were Christine from Phantom of the Opera dancing, Bender from Futurama with a top hat (Which I reckon he stole from the Steampunk booth!), Derpy complete with a friendship report for Granny Gertrude and the Cardcaptor Sakura group.

'Spot of tea please, jerkwads!'

‘Spot of tea please, jerkwads!’


DSCF1815So once again, a very eventful Comic-Con! And that’s without the travel chaos the storm caused. I hope everyone was able to get home safely and that no one ended up stranded in London. (Joonas’ parents actually called up to check that hadn’t happened!)

I didn’t spend a whole lot of money since I’m saving up for potentially moving to Finland next year, but I’m happy with the swag I got. Two vinyl figures, a Twilight Sparkle plushie, some manga, bags of candy (all gone now), the Bilbo key chain, a druid/Celtic symbol bracelet and a Steampunk monster hunting book, which the author signed for me!


Next year since Joonas plans to cosplay as Legolas again, I’m thinking of cosplaying Tauriel, the female elf who will be introduced in the next Hobbit film. I’ll have to wait until I see the film and form my opinion on the character first. The two of us are also going to be Princess Cadence and Shining Armour from My Little Pony, possibly in a sort of medieval or renaissance fashion style.

If I do end up moving, then I don’t know how often I’ll be able to afford a flight to London so I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend after May this year. So I’ll make May Comic-Con 2014 the best ever!

See my full set of photos here.