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Richard Curtis’ latest film, and possibly his last as a director, is his first foray into science-fiction. But don’t worry, it’s everything you’d expect from a Richard Curtis romance comedy.

about time poster

It’s about awkward young man Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) who on New Year’s Day of his 21st year, learns from his father (Bill Nighy) that the male members of their family can travel through time. But only within their own lifetime and only to times and places that they’ve already been. As it turns out, Dad isn’t still drunk as Tim goes back to the previous night’s party and kisses the girl he missed a chance with. Tim uses his new found power to do good deeds for his friends, save his sister Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson) from her asshole boyfriend and of course, find true love.

While a little thin on plot to make way for humor and the eventual moral, this still works in the film’s favor. What really makes it is Gleeson’s hilariously and adorably awkward portrayal of Tim. I think I may have done my Most Adorable Male Actors list a little too early. Let’s just call Gleeson an honorary number 11.

I also loved Tim’s lawyer friend Rory (Joshua McGuire) who is a complete loser; always free on Saturday night, constantly yelled and called the wrong name by his boss, to the extent that he gets his own name wrong. But it’s because he’s such a loser that he has such an incredible zest for life and finds joy in everything. There’s a scene in the closing montage where he’s sitting in the park reading a book and laughing out loud. I felt awkward doing that in Waterstone’s (not Waterstones) yesterday.

The other element that makes this film great is the relationship between Tim and his dad. Remember this is the writer who gave us this scene and therefore set a standard for writing that I could not possibly hope to reach.


This is a great film to see with friends or for taking a girl out on a date. Word of advice guys, girls are always impressed by Richard Curtis films. But I warn you, do not go and see it with your parents! You’ll know why when you see it.


My verdict – 9/10.