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Horray, autumn is finally here! I always say I want summer to start but in truth I think I prefer winter. Summer is always somewhat of a disappointment, a three week heatwave then always just slightly chilly. I just want an excuse to stay in drinking tea and eating biscuits all day. I want to wear thick jumpers and woolly tights without looking ridiculously out of season.

It’s probably for the best that I feel this way, since my boyfriend plans to do a master’s degree in his home country of Finland next year and I want to go with him. In a year’s time, I’ll probably be living in Finland. So I’d better get used to the cold now.

So anyway, what have I been doing the past month? Well as I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been working on a new gig, which I talked about in last month’s update. I’ve gotten a few publishers interested in hiring me too so I hope that works out well. My ultimate goal is to proofread and eventually copy edit full length manuscripts. Right now I’m only doing small and medium sized jobs which are great for building up my portfolio but it does leave my earnings in a constant state of flux. One month I feel like I’m rolling in it and the next I’m eating cereal for a snack.

My website also has a new name and URL. I named it Drifting Cloud Reviews when I only wanted to post anime and manga reviews. But then I wanted to use this blog as my business website and was posting about all sorts of random things so calling it that didn’t make much sense anymore. So I re-named it Wood the Writer, the same name I gave my Tumblr blog.

But even with this additional work, I did finish everything on my to-do-list. And with 24 hours to spare! My new method of setting out a number of smaller goals instead of lots of big ones is working much better. I don’t feel disappointed for not doing everything and I feel like I’ve achieved much more.

As for writing, I’ve put my novel on hold for a while to write a short steampunk story. I got into steampunk a while ago but didn’t have the budget to go to any events for buy any steampunk clothes. Oh why must Victorian dresses be so expensive?! Writing this short story, which is a romance between pirate art collectors, has re-kindled my love affair with steampunk. I’ve been reading Steampunk Magazine and for a free online magazine it’s very professional and well put together. That’s kind of steampunk in a nutshell. If I have the time and budget, maybe I’ll even whip together a new steampunk outfit for the third day of the October Expo.


My last attempt at steampunk. Really just a gothic lolita with a gun and goggles.


So this month I have a lot on my to-do-list. I’ll have to figure out everything I have to do before moving abroad. Learning the language would be one thing. That’s going to be tough.

Everything else I’ll have to do is:

  • Make progress on my cosplay for October Expo.
  • Finish first draft of steampunk story.
  • Branch out with marketing methods for my proofreading business.
  • Gain more clients.
  • Write some more blog posts.