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My blog has been rather dead for a while, so I’m bringing something new today – The Most Adorable Male Actors!

There are plenty of actors who are hot, but this list is for the ones who are just down right adorable. They may also be hot, but they’re the type of guys who you just want to hug and squeeze until they burst.

I’ve scored them with the following criteria:


  • General appearance or how much you want to hug them with just one look.
  • On screen adorableness.
  • Real life adorableness.
  • Ability to also be fricking badass when the need calls for it (this is important to me. It somehow makes a character or actor even cuter).


  1. Matt Smith

matt smithmatt smith bowtie

Over 1000 years old, has a granddaughter and has frightened off the deadliest enemies in the universe, but how cute does he look in a fez? Only he could make a bow tie and brown suit look so adorable and his floppy hair and awkward movements escalate it further. He’s also just as mad as The Doctor in real life as you can see here (me and my bf were in the audience but didn’t get a chance to give him our chocolate).

  1. Elijah Wood


For some reason I think that picture makes him look like he’s auditioning for The Doctor…

It’s the eyes, no one can resist the eyes. How can anyone look at Frodo and not want to wrap him up in a blanket and give him a hot cup of tea?

elijah wood cry

All those tears and not a bit of snot acting! (That’s when they cry and snot comes out as well. It’s realistic but kinda gross.)

It also helps that he’s seemingly caught in an ageless vacuum and still looks the same at 32 than he did at 19.

  1. Jason Segal


Everything, everything he does is adorable! His face makes you want to pinch it a little and his performance is always delightfully cheesy, whether he’s dancing down the street in a cheerful musical number or slapping Neil Patrick Harris in the face.

  1. Anton Yelchin

anton yelchin

Every time he’s on screen, I just want to claw at the tv to try and reach him. His curly hair and the way he looks in the Star Trek uniform are enough, but running around the Enterprise yelling ‘I can do zat!’ in his Russian accent skyrockets him to super adorable. Just don’t ask him to say ‘nuclear wessel.’

anton yelchin dr horrible

Wait, did he just become Dr Horrible?!

  1. Mathew Baynton

mat baynton puppymat baynton knight

If you haven’t watched Horrible Histories, you should. There’s a reason it’s so popular with adults (also the great writing and comedy, but mainly Mat Baynton’s eyes). As well as his various historical characters, he also made a wonderfully adorable idiot in Gavin and Stacey, even if he is scared of bowling shoes (apologies for low quality video).

  1. Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill-20110718-41

No, your eyes to not deceive you. He is wearing a jumper with pheasants on it. His first few episodes of Doctor Who when he was awkward and not as hot as Tom Hopper (well few people are) were cute enough, but as the series progressed and Rory became gradually more badass, he didn’t lose any of his cute, in fact he gained more. And his love for Amy is just the sweetest thing you could ever watch. Just look at him in that centurion uniform. 


  1. Alexander Vlahos

alexander vlahos kitten

How is it possible to play the grown up version of a character played by Asa Butterfield and somehow make it more adorable? Not even his turn to darkness could stop him being adorable, and he looks so fricking cute in his Knight of Camelot uniform. (Are you noticing a pattern here? Do I have some kind of weird costume fetish?) 


  1. Andrew Scott

andrew scott creepy

Ok so he strapped a bomb to John Watson, blew up an old lady and destroyed Sherlock’s whole life, but just look at that face! What’s more amazing is that he can switch from bubbly and adorable to full scale creepy and back again in a split second. As for real life, he turned his tie into a bow tie at the Bafta’s, and wore it while collecting his award.


  1. Adam Brown

adam brownthe-hobbit-ori

He plays a relatively minor role in The Hobbit but it was enough to get him to second place on my list. Yes, in a film with James Nesbitt, Aiden Turner and Martin Freeman in a curly wig, he out-cutes them all. That should tell you something. He only has a handful of lines in the first Hobbit film but every one of them is adorable (and hilarious) and on top of that he dresses almost entirely in wool and his weapon is a sling shot. It certainly helps that at 33 he still looks like he’s 16. Come on elves, just give him some chips. He’s adorable and you should give him chips.

  1. Colin Morgan

colin morgancolin morgan merlin

Come on, who else could it be? Eyes! Cheekbones! Ears! Eeee! Everything about Colin Morgan screams adorable, from his Irish accent to his smile. As adorable as you may find Merlin, the real Colin Morgan is ten times cuter. He comes across as rather shy and reserved, as opposed to most actors who are natural showoffs. Most adorable of all is when you put him together with his bff and co-star Bradley James because they mime to classic rock ballads. But when he needs to be badass, well you do not want to make Merlin angry! If you harm his friends then he will summon the powers to death to blast you to pieces or call up John Hurt dragon to roast you alive. But then he goes right back to his woobie face and you fall in love with him all over again. He’s an amazing actor and I think he really deserves the top spot on this list.

Anyone I left off the list? Leave a comment below!