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Since I’m going to be away visiting my parents and shopping for cosplay materials next week, I’ll write this now.

So where have I been for the last month? Sweating away in a heat wave, unable to do any work for a start. I haven’t posted any new reviews because I haven’t found anything worth reviewing this month. Most films I’ve seen have just been ‘meh’ and haven’t gotten much of any sort of reaction from me. I have been updating my Tumblr blog almost daily, and been really enjoying it. I hope to focus much more on that in the future.

But my writing output has still increased. Horray! As well as editing, I’ve been working on the world ‘bible’ for my series which is really fun. I hope I don’t get carried away and end up writing detailed descriptions of all the flora and fauna, otherwise the book itself will never get written. On top of that, I’ve been working on the story and characters for the next two books in the series, which I so far only had a vague idea of. It means a lot of sitting around reading books and watching films and claiming it as ‘research!’

The maximum number of words I did in a day this month was 664, which I think is pretty good. Next month I hope to get it up to 800 per day. But the goal of writing first thing in the morning after I woke up failed miserably. I am just definitely not a morning person.

Best of all, I’ve started sending out ‘cold call’ e-mails to potential clients and out of that I got a new proofreading gig from an online literary journal. It’ll be only a few hours per week but they agreed to give me the title of ‘associate editor’ and it’s very helpful to have the name of a publication on my CV.

I’ve given up the idea of writing a bunch of random monthly goals on my blog as other things usually come up that get in the way and I’m left disappointed when I don’t complete them all. Instead, I’ve arranged all the tasks I need to complete over the next six months using an awesome piece of software called Trello, which makes it easier to switch things around if things come up. Here’s what’s on my list for August:

  • Add further to my potential client list and send out more ‘cold call’ e-mails.
  • Write two more articles or reviews for my blog.
  • Finish the synopsis and character creation for the third book in my series (and think of a name for it!)
  • Complete the Firestone ‘world bible.’

But most importantly of all, I’m going to enjoy the final month of summer. Because who knows when we’ll see this much sun again.