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We’re half way through the year. I feel like I’ve achieved a lot yet barely anything at the same time. I’ve made money from proofreading so I can now sort of call myself a ‘professional’ but I’m still far from quitting my day job (or in my case that would be evening job). I know becoming a writer and starting a business requires baby steps and I should be proud of all the things I have done so far. There are many who can’t say that.


Still, I didn’t manage to do all the things I wanted to during June. I don’t even know why. I didn’t go anywhere or have much else going on. Maybe it was sleeping in too late or procrastinating too much or just not wanting to do certain things.


I’m pleased with my writing progress, at least. I’m still a little behind with my novel re-writes but I am up to the first draft of chapter 12 already. I always worry that I’m not making any progress with my book at all but 12 chapters is not bad. Some writers never get past chapter 3. I’ve been better at writing almost every day too, even if it’s just a few lines. I would like to write something down as soon as I wake up, but I’m always too tired and lazy to do so.


I submitted my short story Fish and Chips to another contest but of course, immediately afterwards I spotted all sorts of mistakes that weren’t obvious when I was editing. There’s a £12 entry fee I’ll never see again. But I’m just going to keep re-writing and re-submitting it until something becomes of it. I worked hard on it, so there’s no point in putting it away in a drawer and letting it be forgotten.


This did mean I didn’t get time to write a new short story like I wanted to, only come up with the beginnings of an idea that may or may not lead to anything. It’s because Fish and Chips is a humour story which is very hard to write. You look at the great comedy sketches like Four Candles and they seem to flow so easily. But when you think about them carefully, they must have taken a long time and a great deal of skill to come out that well. Of course, part of it is the skill of great comedy actors but with prose, you don’t have that advantage. You only have the words to make people laugh.


I also gave my website a bit of a makeover, with a new home page, complete with an author photo, which of course is of me in cosplay, instead of landing straight on the about me page which was a little pretentious. I’ve also done away with the portfolio and CV page and incorporated those with the writing and proofreading pages. I hope now that it looks a little more professional and easily accessible, but still keeping with my personality.


Also, I now have a Tumblr blog! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because Tumblr is definitely the best social media site out there. There’s not much there so far other than fangirl squealings but I hope to work on it and make it a great little blog.


Still haven’t decided on my second cosplay outfit for October Expo. But I did start buying materials for my Sailor V cosplay so that’s something.


Ok, goals for July:


  • Lots more writing. I don’t care what kind of writing, just writing.
  • Get into the habit of writing first thing in the morning after I wake up.
  • Write several more reviews.
  • Update my Tumblr blog often.
  • Really, finally decide on my second cosplay and go shopping for materials.
  • Read lots of Terry Brooks.