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Darn, has it been over a week since Expo already? Now I have five months to wait until the next one. On top of that, I caught the con plague so I can’t go out and enjoy the sun and my boyfriend has just left for the whole summer to work. So yeah, doing good right now.


I didn’t set a goal list for last month because my only real goals were to finish my cosplay in time for Expo, which I did in record time. Being organised really does pay off. Plus the release of The Great Gatsby meant I had to cover about a million extra shifts at work. And the worst part was that I had to watch The Great Gatsby.


But at least I achieved a lot of the goals I set for April. I got my first regular client and can now actually call myself a ‘professional’ proofreader since I’ve been paid for proofreading services. At least I will once Paypal stops screwing around with me. I’ve also finished the first draft of the first chapter of my novel. Only 50,000 or so words to go! To top it off, I didn’t watch The Hobbit DVD excessively. But that’s mainly because Lovefilm has pushed back the rental release date to this Friday. It’s making me severely question why I pay £7.99 a month for this service.


So once I’ve kicked this cold in the arse I’ll have pretty much the whole summer free to crack on with some work. Here’s my goals for June:


  • Finish the first draft of Firestone chapter two.
  • Write a full, concise business plan.
  • Update my website and write some more reviews.
  • Re-submit my short story to another contest.
  • Start writing a new story for the Somerset Short Story Contest (which I was nominated for in 2011).
  • Start a Tumblr blog for my ‘proofreading fails’ series.
  • Decide what cosplay outfits I want to make for later this year and go to Bristol for a cosplay shopping spree, which is totally not an excuse just to go to Forbidden Planet.
  • Get into the habit of writing every single day.
  • Really really not watch The Hobbit DVD excessively. I mean it…


Wow, that’s a lot of goals for this month. Should keep my busy for a while.