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Another Expo has come and gone all too quickly. Once again, I lost myself in nerdy madness for a whole weekend and a great time was had by all. The highlights were:

  • Hanging out with my sisters and my boyfriend. I live with him so I hang out with him all the time anyway, but it’s still fun.
  • Buying a whole set of Hobbit figurines for only £10. Individually they are £5! It was worth hunting around all afternoon for these.
  •      DSCF1615
  • Expanding my pony collection.
  •  DSCF1616
  • All the amazing cosplay! See the link to my Flickr page on the left for the full set of photos.rsDSCF5036
  • Apart from it being rainy on Friday, the weather was perfect. Last year it was a heatwave and the year before that it was freezing, but this year it was perfect for wearing a pretty cosplay outfit and sitting out in the sun to have a snack.
  • Watching Titanic together on Saturday night and having a good cry.
  • The Saturday and Sunday masquerades. We dashed forward and got great seats both days. On Sunday we were in the front row! I hope someday to be up there on that stage… Both of my sisters have won awards for cosplaying at cons which has made me determined to win one too.
  • Getting so many nice compliments and hugs for my Fluttershy cosplay. It made all that hard work and stress worth it. The wings were probably the most ambitious cosplay thing I’ve done so far that actually ended up working and I’m glad they held together for the whole day. For once, I am actually planning to wear this outfit again.
  • Finding some Hobbit cosplayers! I was really hoping to find and take pictures of some. But it’s too bad Thorin Oakenshield wasn’t there…
  • The Merlin panel featuring Tom Hopper and Alexander Vlahos. (But why wasn’t Eoin Macken there? I was promised Eoin Macken!) They were both hugely funny and lovely guys.

So now it’s back to reality and hard work I guess. Sadly I can’t go to any conventions over the summer because my bank balance has taken a nose dive. In the mean time I can work on gaining some more clients, writing a lot and working on cosplay for October Expo. I haven’t fully decided but at the moment I’m considering Applejack and Sailor Venus.

There’s also going to be a new con right here in Bath at the end of September so I’m looking forward to seeing what that will be like. Who knows, maybe I’ll achieve my dream of being on the masquerade stage…