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March has been a slightly odd month of ups and downs for me.


  • What happened to Spring?! Easter is supposed to be a time of celebrating new life and rebirth but instead winter has been prolonged even longer. Will our fair country ever see the sun again?
  • I developed a stye, a small lump of pus, underneath my eyelid which hurt a lot and left my left eye really puffy and red for several days. It’s all better now but I had to walk around for several days looking like I’d been punched in the face.
  • I’ve only now realised that I need some black foam for my Sakura cosplay, but didn’t get any when I last visited Hobbycraft. You’d think I’d just find some in a craft shop in Bath, but you’d be wrong. I also forgot to ask my mum to bring some when she came to visit me. All this over two sheets of foam that cost 50p each!!
  • I still haven’t written any new chapters of Firestone.
  • There’s something wrong with out pipes so our downstairs bathroom smells like a pig farm.
  • Everyone else has got The Hobbit DVD except me.


  • I’ve started to get many more nibbles from potential clients and have also been noticing a lot more traffic and interaction on this blog. It’ll be a long uphill climb to turn those nibbles into paychecks but I’ll get there.
  • Although I didn’t write anything new, I did develop the backstory and history of my fantasy world and wrote a nice little fairy tale type short based on one of the most important events. I’d like to publish it as a side piece someday.
  • Only two months until London Expo.
  • I’ve finished my Fluttershy dress and it is adorable.
  • I can add ‘selling Davenport teacups’ onto the skill list of my CV. I was volunteering at The Holburne Museum gift shop and sold some expensive antiques to a customer. It was an otherwise quiet day for the shop so it was a nice boost.
  • My mum bought a box of stuff from my old bedroom, including a horse shaped jewelry stand I made in year 7.
Cute or creepy?

Cute or creepy?


  • The Hobbit DVD comes out on April 8th.

Stuff I want to do in April:

  • Gain some clients.
  • Finish at least one chapter of Firestone.
  • Write some interesting blog posts.
  • Make progress on my cosplay outfits.
  • Not watch The Hobbit DVD excessively.