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Hello and happy February. How did you like that snow? Or should I not mention it? 2013 has only just started and already the ‘year of finally getting my life together’ has been going well. For the first few weeks I was very busy with part time work, with Les Miserables on at the cinema (soundtrack still isn’t out of my head yet. I don’t think it will ever leave) and several employees on holiday and needing me to cover. Thankfully that has all died down now so I’m much more free and flexible on time right now.

To keep myself in line, I wanted to post an update of how I’m doing with my goals each month.

Work full time as a freelancer.

While this hasn’t happened yet, I’ve been bidding on freelance jobs like mad and figuring out ways to market myself. I’ve posted an hourly on Peopleperhour.com and you’ll see I’ve added my portfolio and CV to the menu of my site. The portfolio is a little scant right now. Some things are still in progress, like my novel and some I wrote a while ago and am too embarrassed to put up. I found myself thinking ‘how did that ever get published?!’

Write every day.

My writing output has increased significantly this month already. I’ve almost finished the short story I’m working on, and the deadline for the contest I want to enter is the 15th of this month so I should finish it in time with some luck.

I also promised to complete six chapters of my fantasy novel this year and I’m already finished with one! If this continues, I might exceed my goal!

I fell out of practice of writing every day when I was busy looking for work. As much as I love writing, it is hard to pick up the momentum once you’ve lost it. I admit I haven’t been writing every single day. Sometimes due to more important jobs and sometimes because I’ve been busy marketing my business. But these things do take top priority so I think I can forgive myself.

Read at least 20 books.

I’ve already finished two and am currently reading three more! Yes, I’m the type who is compelled to read several books at once. Probably because I leave them behind at work so much. I’ve just started on The Silmarillion, you can probably guess why, and I’m also reading Dawnthief by James Barclay. I picked it at random off my boyfriend’s bookshelf and I’m enjoying it so far. It had a very exciting and unexpected opening but for the next hundred pages or so it was very slow and talky again. My other half says that The Lord of the Rings is the same way so maybe I shouldn’t be complaining too much. It’s started to pick up again now and the ideas and characters are very interesting and compelling so I’m happy to read on.

I said at the beginning of the month that I was reading The Great Gatsby but I ended up giving up after one chapter. I know that’s terrible because it’s an important famous book and everything but it just didn’t grab me. Maybe because I became so obsessed with the first Hobbit film so I was all ‘I needs wizards and dragons and elves!’

Make cosplay outfits.


Ok, I picked up a few small items and some fabric but not any of the big ones I need. And I haven’t started putting things together yet. In my defence, Bath has two bead stores but no general craft shops! Places like W.H.Smiths sell some craft stuff but not a great selection. I need about 15 pieces of yellow felt for a set of Fluttershy wings and haven’t found any yet.

I’m visiting my parents later this month and they have a huge Hobbycraft in their town so hopefully I’ll load up while I’m there.


My goals for this month are to step up my marketing some more, make more improvements to my blog and website, finish that short story and submit it to the contest and get that cosplay stuff. Ok, I have my assignments…