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Phew, it’s finally done! I’ve uploaded all the photos I took over the weekend (well, minus the blurry ones). The full set can be seen

And here are a few highlights:

First off, I’m going to show off my cosplay!


On Friday and Sunday I went as Isolde from Merlin, just because I think she’s awesome (even though she got hurt near the beginning then died…). In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have worn this in October, but looking at the photo, I’m pleased with how it turned out. The paint on the swords kept chipping off but otherwise it looks great.

On Saturday I went as Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth in her school uniform, along with Mokona. Considering how much sewing I had to do, I’m pleased with this one too. I had some trouble with the wig so I decided to spray my hair red, but it didn’t turn out as great as I wanted. And because I’m a total moron, I didn’t realise that red hair spray would stain my white collar. I’m still waiting for my old university to come and take my degree back…

I borrowed Sir Gwaine’s sword to do the pose from the cover of the first manga. It would work much better if I hadn’t accidentally revealed part of my belly…

And here I’m imitating one of the scenes from the manga. Vicky did a great job on these pictures, by the way.

Now for my sister’s cosplay:

Vicky makes a very glamorous Rarity.

And a very handsome Sir Gwaine.

Here’s Gwaine trying to balance his sword on one hand.

Katie was a very cute Pokemon trainer.

Here’s Gwaine being defeated by a Jigglypuff.

On Sunday, Katie and Vicky teamed up as Tiger and Bunny and had me take lots of funny pictures. You’re lucky it didn’t use up all my battery power, guys!

I would put up some of my favorite pics, but then this page would take an age to load, so you’ll just have to check out my Flickr page for those. I’m glad my photography skills seem to be coming along. I’d love to take a photography course, but they cost a lot.

So that’s me done for this year’s Expo. See you in May!