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I know this is 2 days late and everyone’s probably settled back into their regular lives and forgotten all about Expo! I wrote this on an overcrowded train on Sunday night and didn’t even get a chance to hop on my computer until now.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day by comparison. The extra few hours of sleep certainly helped.

The weather was clear with little wind but since I was cosplaying Isolde again, I was still thankful for my jacket. I wish I had decided to cosplay as The Onceler from The Lorax (I got a little obsessed with that film when I first saw it) because then I would’ve had a nice warm blazer!

Since I had spent all my money, I spent most of the day wandered around taking pictures. I did go to the steam punk panel again, since the Victorian Steampunk Society (I hope I got that name right) are always really fun to listen to. I’m seriously considering going to some of the steampunk weekends they’re planning. Since they’re not for profit, it costs only £65 for a weekend away!

The only money I did spend was on a lovely chocolate waffle and a Mountain Dew can. I drank it all too fast though and felt a bit sick for a while.

The day ended with the masquerade, which is always my favourite part of Expo. We were very lucky since we were sat only two rows back. Halfway through the people right in front of me left so I dashed forwards to claim a seat. I was sat front row centre! I haven’t gotten round to uploading my photos yet, so I have yet to see how they came out.
The cosplay was amazing this year. Every single one of them. My favourite was the Princess Mononoke pair with the deer/forest god. It was amazing! I think I actually enjoyed the Sunday masquerade more than the Euro Cosplay, but maybe that was because of where I was sat.

It was sad to go home, of course, but we had to pack up and get the train back to Bath straight away, since Joonas had classes and I had volunteer work in the morning.

Thankfully the journey went fine and we got back in only 4 hours door to door. The steampunk belt pouch I bought turned out to be very handy, especially on the tube!

So that’s another Expo come and gone in a flash. I said I would go to more cons this year but only went to one. I hope I can go to more next year. My freelance career is coming along slowly and surely and I’m starting to make a little money from it. I hope I’ll make enough to go to at least a few cons and events.

Even after an exhausting weekend, this has been a busy week for me. It’s a funny old life I have right now, and I worry that I’m trying to fit more into it than I can handle. But I still love my life right now so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ll upload the photos soon so come back in a bit!