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Wow, what an exhausting day! I’m going to keep this brief because I’m bleeding knackered, and I still have some preparation to do for tomorrow. At least we get an extra hour in bed!

My Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth costume went well, except that my hair dye stained the back of my collar. I had a minor (ish) freakout when Joonas pointed it out in the line but Vicky said it wasn’t noticeable. One girl asked for my picture and said she’d never seen Magic Knight Rayearth cosplay at Expo before. That made me feel good.

At this point I’d like to assure my Mum that yes, I did take a picture of my outfit and I will be putting it on Facebook to show to all my aunts and uncles or whatever.

Even so, next October I’ll be going for something involving thermal trousers and a nice big coat because today it was FREEZING!! And it didn’t help that I ripped a colossal hole in my tights. Just walking from the hotel to the centre was like braving a Nordic blizzard. I’m glad I didn’t wear the Isolde cosplay today or I might have died. I am wearing it tomorrow, but with a jacket in my backpack.

I went to a few panels today, including the Steampunk panel and the dancing girls and the mini masquerade at the Cosplay stage. I got to take a lot of cosplay photos too, and when I took a picture of a Lightning cosplayer, her stormtrooper friend offered to take a picture of me and her together! Now that’s a rare moment – Hikaru meets Lightning!

And as per usual, I spent way too much! I think we all did, so at least I’m not alone! I got a My Little Pony t-shirt, a Twilight Sparkle doll, a new backpack that came with a wallet and a steampunk belt pouch with fasteners. I also got a manga anthology of fairy tales by Sweatdrop Studios, including one by Svetlana Chemkova who is one of my favorite manga artists. I got the idea in my head that if I bought a book from a UK manga publisher, they’d give me a job as a writer. I’ll be waiting by the phone…

Joonas spent the money he earnt over the summer on some nice things too, including a rare limited edition WoW figure. It’s going to look epically cool on our mantelpiece!

The day wrapped up with one of my favorite Expo events- the Euro Cosplay Final! I was lucky to get a seat near the front and I hope I got some good photos. The lights and smoke machines made some of the shots hard. And sadly my batteries ran out towards the end, even though I had replaced them when it began. That just goes to show you how great the Euro Cosplayers were. It’s hard to pick a favorite since there were so many I loved. The winning entry from Holland was great, as was the UK entry which came in third!

Tomorrow I will try my hardest not to spend any money, except maybe on a chocolate waffle. At least there’s a lot of things I want to go to tomorrow, which should keep me out of trouble.

Two days down already. It sees way too fast! At least I can take solace that next week is my birthday (hint hint…)