It’s that bi-annual time of year again! I’ve spent the last 2 weeks doing nothing but sewing and painting swords and gluing snap fasteners. Every year I say I won’t leave my cosplay until the last minute, but I always do! I could say that I’ve been busy over the summer, except that’s a total lie.

Somehow I did manage to get everything ready by yesterday night. I didn’t get to paint the little lines on my socks or practice the scar makeup, but I can let those things pass.

So we somehow made it from Bath and across half of London with our heavy suitcases. I put on my Isolde cosplay straight away and we ran off to join the que. It was at this point that I wandered why I decided to wear a sleeveless vest in October, or even why I didn’t just put a jacket in my backpack. Joonas said ‘you’re an Anglo-Saxon warrior. You’re tough!’ so I tried to embrace the wind. It didn’t work.

The line was just as long as you’d expect, but I did run into Beth (cosplaying as Applejack!) and Amber. Once in, we rushed straight to the theatre, Joonas avoiding temptation of the shiny swords, for the main event – The Doctor Who panel. It was hugely popular so we were sat about half way back. But it didn’t matter all that much, as Matt Smith is just as mad and funny as he is on the show. For instance, he can pretend that his rubber duckie talks and is made of raspberries. It was also his birthday today so he got a Tardis cake and a limited edition sonic screwdriver universal remote. That was really sweet. And he blushed when we sang him Happy Birthday (twice!).

Afterwards, it was time for shopping before the big rush tomorrow. Joonas went off on his own and the next time I saw him he had an armful of swords, claiming that they’re a present for his dad. I immediately went to the United Publications stand, because I really like them and their manga is a good price. I picked up two omnibuses and two regular volumes at once! Including the last Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus, which I have been waiting for for YEARS!! In fact, 3 out of the 4 I bought were Clamp!

With a nice full bag, I spent the rest of the day wandering around, checking out the stalls. I got a Morgana figurine and a Mr Bean dvd from Cex (Cex is at Expo now, how awesome!). I saw some other things I wanted to go back to, so I’ll get them tomorrow. And I still have about half the stalls to check out.

My cosplay held together well, although the paint on the swords got a bit chipped and my arm bands kept falling down because the superglue was not so super. My boyfriend said I looked like a Valkyrie so I was very pleased. No one asked me for a picture, but I suppose this isn’t a very recognizable cosplay. But you shouldn’t wear cosplay just to get a bunch of people to take your picture.

Surprisingly, I didn’t ask for any cosplay photos today. I usually do that a lot. I suppose I was too busy shopping and I’ll do more tomorrow during the big midday crush.

I forgot to hand out any business cards too. Whoops!

Only half a day, yet I was shattered by the end. We’re just hanging out and I’m about to wash my hair and try out my hair dye for tomorrow’s cosplay. There was a problem with my wig so I decided since it’s only for one day, I’d dye my entire head red! Watch this space…

Day two and photos coming soon.