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House of Illustration

Something a bit different today to waste some perfectly good sunshine with.

A few days ago I learnt about a Victorian parlour game where people pick 8 out of a list of 12 of their favourite things – favourite animal, favourite shoes etc, put them together and they supposedly make up an image of the person’s personality.

The Holburne Museum in Bath has just opened a new exhibition based on the game, where various well known creatives such as Phillip Pullman, Shirley Hughes and a bunch of people I will pretend I’ve heard of have created a piece of art based on their choices. They come in the form of pictures, collages, illustrations and even a sculpture.

Since I’m not arty or practical enough for doing something along those lines (In my defence, I did try and failed miserably), I thought I’d make a blog post out of it. Just because I felt like it. So here is –

Some of my favourite things:

Of which there are way more than 8:

Favourite animal: My Angel bunny and my parent’s husky, Snow. This is both of them together. Despite the size difference, Angel can easily scare off Snow.

Photo by Vicky Wood

Favourite book: Holes by Louis Sacher. Because it made me want to be a writer, and here I am! Here it is with some of my other favourite books.

Favourite item of clothing: My red plaid miniskirt with black lace petticoat. It’s so pretty and I wear it all the time. And to think I almost never bought it!

Favourite place: Pierrefonds Castle. Where they film Merlin. I genuinely feel sad that I can’t live there.

This is me at Pierrefonds wearing my favourite skirt.

Favourite home comfort: Tea!! When we first visited Pierrefonds, the hotel room didn’t have tea in it and I felt tea withdrawal symptoms for days.

All my tea mugs with my favourite tea, Earl Grey.

Favourite food: Tiffins, and their close cousins rocky road. Especially if they have cherries in them. Otherwise, I don’t really like food or eating very much.

Sadly, shortly after this photo was taken, this tiffin was eaten. It will be sorely missed…

Favourite pastime: Relaxing. I love it so much I find myself doing it all the time! Ahhh…

Favourite weather: Sunny and warm, but not hot, with a slight breeze.

Photo by Katie Wood.

You can’t see it, but I’m actually looking at The Eifel Tower in this picture.

Favourite possession: My boyfriend! Oh wait, people don’t count? Then my autograph from the Merlin cast (are you guessing what my favourite tv show is?)

Here’s me modelling it with my eyes closed Earl-style.

Favourite music: Nightwish. Although apart from them and Lordi, I barely listen to any music at all. Seriously, I barely have any idea who Katie Perry is.


Favourite shoes: My ‘Knight of Camelot’ boots.

Modelled here while doing an impression from my favourite film.

Favourite pet aversion (thing I love to hate): Very badly written fiction by writers who genuinely don’t realise how bad they are. Yes, I’m a bitch. No, I wouldn’t like people to make fun of my writing. But a girl’s gotta get her kicks from somewhere!


Favourite mode of transport: Steam powered airship.


Favourite artist: Vincent Van Gogh. Just look at it, genius!!


Favourite composer: Tchaikovsky. He’s also my favourite funny name.


Favourite drink: Organic lemonade. Preferably with vodka…

“Those clouds look AWESOME!!”

So there’s a little glimpse at my personality. Try it yourself and hopefully yours will be way more creative than mine.

Check out the real ‘What Are You Like?’ exhibit here: http://www.houseofillustration.org.uk/event/wayl/

Or visit it for yourself at The Holburne Museum (until 17 October 2012): http://www.holburne.org/