Rory Sullivan gripped the sleeve of his pin-striped suit as he eyed the building. It wasn’t much different than any other building in Over York’s Downtown ring; peeling butter-yellow paint, tall windows, and a slightly sloped black roof. When he read the words ‘Hel’s Alley Shool of Laguag’ (several letters were missing from the sign), he knew he was in the right place, but he still sweated through his suit. He hovered on the opposite pavement, considering turning and returning home. But he still crossed the street once the tram to Harlem passed. He opened the door, the handle warm to the touch.


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Release Schedule

(All dates are approx and subject to change)

Tales From the Skies:

Book 3 – Fall From the Sky, March 31st 2023.

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Book 4 – Burning Sky, June 14th 2023.

Children of the Jaguar Empire:

Book 1 – Jaguar Sun, December 15th.

Book 2 – Wind Sun, TBC

Book 3 – Rain Sun, TBC

Book 4 – Water Sun, TBC

Current Progress

Jaguar Sun: With beta readers

Fall From the Sky: Finished editing.

Burning Sky: Writing first draft.

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