This couldn’t be the same Jaguar Empire which Toa had been raised in. These couldn’t be the jungles where he’d scavenged for fruit, the rivers he’d played in all day, or the golden temples which had towered over him. Now the jungles were brown and dead, the rivers were stagnant and dirty, and the gold had been stripped from the half-collapsed temples. And it was all because of the sun.

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Release Schedule

(All dates are approx and subject to change)

Tales From the Skies:

Book 3 – Fall From the Sky, March 31st 2023.

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Codex Leonardo (prequel novella), April 15th 2023.

Children of the Jaguar Empire:

Book 1 – Jaguar Sun, December 15th.

Book 2 – Wind Sun, TBC

Book 3 – Rain Sun, TBC

Book 4 – Water Sun, TBC

Current Progress:

Fall From the Sky: Finished editing.

Wind Sun: Research and planning.

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