What is your vision for your novel?

Whether you want to self publish, attract a publisher, or enter contests, I am here to make your novel the best it can possible be and help you achieve your writing dreams.

Hello, I am Jessica, an editor, proofreader and writer of (mostly) fantasy fiction. So far in my own writing journey, I have ghostwritten three novellas, had a short story shortlisted for a contest and had a picture book printed and illustrated by my old school and donated to local school libraries.

On my blog you will find articles on writing advice, reviews of film, tv, anime and manga, and general musings on my life as a freelance nerd.

If you want to contact me to discuss your writer’s vision, or just to chat about writing in general, my e-mail address is woodthewriter@gmail.com

Also check out my book and writing Tumblr blog – Doorway Into Other Worlds.

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